Online free seminar Wed 06 July 2022 – h. 17:00 CET (11am ET)

A 30′ free webinar with Carlo Mosca.

International commercial contracts often provide for a clause regulating the case of dispute. However, it is not rare that they do not (for various reasons, ranging from the fact that the parties do not see any need for that, or it is perceived as inappropriate, or simply because the agreement is made orally…). Well, in those occurrence things get usually complicated if only a lawsuit is commenced.

The webinar is designed to give the essentials about the reasoning of the Italian courts when challenged about their own jurisdiction.

Who might be interested? Non-Italian companies trading with Italian counterparts, and their advisers. Please contact to receive the (zoom) link.




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Author: Carlo Mosca

A lawyer specializing in international commercial transactions. Lexmill's founding partner.

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