Jan 18, 2024 h. 18 CET / 10 ET

A 45′ Free webinar w/ Carlo Mosca.

To agree on an initial trial period, when dealing with a new commercial agent is often advisable. Typically, it’s conceived as a lapse of time during, or at the end of which either party may simply quit, without any consequences.

However, (under the EU rules) is it really so ?

The webinar’s aim is to give some hints about the final indemnity, and other drawbacks relating to an aborted business of the kind, between a foreign principal and an Italian agent.

Topics covered:
– the Italian laws in commercial agency. A brief introductory survey
– most important things foreign principals ought to know when retaining a commercial agent
– the trial period. A good option for untested agents. How to write down a clause in the agreement, and how to activate it when needed.


To receive the link (on zoom) please send a request to events@lexmill.com

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Author: Carlo Mosca

A lawyer specializing in international commercial transactions. Lexmill's founding partner.

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