A 45′ Free webinar w/ Carlo Mosca.

Vienna 1980 Convention on International Sales of Goods (CISG) is an treaty entered into force in 1988

with the aim to unify the rules governing the legal relationship between a seller and a buyer in their cross-border operations.  CISG has now ben adopted by some 97 countries reportedly representing more than 2/3 of the global trade volumes.The impact of CISG is therefore major, CISG being applied automatically (unless excluded) between operators from contracting States, and also when a contracting State’s law is identified as the contract governing law.

In the webinar, we will briefly cover how CISG is applied by the Italian courts, and in particular-

  • how the “reasonable time” for a notice of non-conformity (art. 39) has been quantified
  • how a “mixed” contract has been considered as contract for sale (art. 3)
  • how damages have been awarded in accordance with art. 74


To receive the link (on zoom) please send a request to events@lexmill.com

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Author: Carlo Mosca

A lawyer specializing in international commercial transactions. Lexmill's founding partner.

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